From Scarface to Simlish

October 1, 2006 0

From Scarface to Simlish (originally here) Blair Jackson investigates the people and practices behind three games which had significant parts of their sound crafted in the San Francisco Bay Area – Scarface’s in-game sound effects and mix at Skywalker Sound, Sam & Max’s dialogue recording at Studio Jory and The […]

Recreating Reality

September 9, 2006 Kenneth Young 0

At the inaugural Develop Conference in Brighton I spoke about the differences between sound in the real world and sound in the virtual worlds that we create. Right on cue, the day before my presentation, Mark Rein, VP of Epic Games, claimed in his keynote session that: “the future of […]

Hollywood Sound

September 16, 2005 0

Hollywood Sound: Part One Hollywood Sound: Part Two Hollywood Sound: Part Three Rob Bridgett looks at the convergence of Hollywood and the games industry from an audio perspective, covering music, surround sound and voice.

Audio Production for Halo 2

March 14, 2005 0

Audio Production for Halo 2 Eric-Jon Waugh reports on Jay Weinland and Marty O’Donnell’s GDC 2005 post-mortem on Bungie’s ‘Guerrilla’ proprietary audio system developed for the interactive audio in Halo 2.

Creating an Interactive Audio Environment

November 14, 1997 0

Creating an Interactive Audio Environment An interactive audio vocabulary featuring a wide assortment of sound cues and background noises immerses players far more than you may realize says Monolith’s Daniel Bernstein.