The Use of Voice in Portal 2

July 19, 2011 Kenneth Young 3

By Kenneth Young Portal 2 represents a real milestone for me. It’s the first game that, prior to even getting my grubby mitts on it, had me more excited about its prospective use of voice than any other aspect of the project. It’s a Valve game, so you trust that […]

Voice in Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins

May 16, 2010 Kenneth Young 16

I’m obsessed with the use of voice in games. I find it one of the most fascinating aspects of the medium. Most related discussions you might encounter, certainly as an audio practitioner, focus on processes relating to getting a good acting performance and how to best capture it – casting, […]

Sackboy’s Voice – Full Of Eastern Promise

February 22, 2009 Kenneth Young 0

I’m back from a two week trip to Japan. It’s the longest and most far, far away holiday I’ve had for many years. There were lots of temples, photos, temples, walking, temples, eating, temples, a proposal of marriage and more temples. I even managed to make a few sound recordings; […]