Hollywood Sound

September 16, 2005 gamesound.org 0

Hollywood Sound: Part One Hollywood Sound: Part Two Hollywood Sound: Part Three Rob Bridgett looks at the convergence of Hollywood and the games industry from an audio perspective, covering music, surround sound and voice.

Interview: Tim Larkin, Audio Director at Cyan

February 7, 2000 gamesound.org 0

Interview: Tim Larkin, Audio Director at Cyan What does a guy who’s worked with greatness like Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Torme, James Brown, Tony Bennett, Lou Rawls and Huey Lewis do in the game industry? Why, anything he wants, of course. As a composer, sound designer and player, Tim Larkin is […]

A View From The Bridge…

November 15, 1999 gamesound.org 0

A View From The Bridge… Mark Miller says Quotes on the future of Interactive Audio from Brain Schmidt, Jeff Roberts, Tommy Tallarico, The Fat Man, Andrew Barnabas, Colin Anderson, and more…

Interview with Joey Kuras

October 15, 1999 gamesound.org 0

Interview with Joey Kuras Find out about this Kung Fu fighting sound man, who has worked on projects like Messiah, Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding, and Wheel of Time.

Interview With Jamey Scott

October 1, 1999 gamesound.org 0

Interview With Jamey Scott Ever wonder what it’s like to be a one-man audio show? Jamey Scott is a premier audio designer, and is perhaps best known for his recent work on The Journeyman Project III: Legacy of Time. Come eavesdrop while Aaron Marks chats with him in his studio.

Engine Roundup Part 2 by Alexander Brandon

July 15, 1999 gamesound.org 0

Engine Roundup Part 2 by Alexander Brandon In his second “Engine Roundup” segment, Brandon shares conversations with and comments from QSound’s Scott Willing and Microsoft’s Brian Schmidt on the state of their 3D Audio technologies.

Interview with Jon Holland

June 4, 1999 gamesound.org 0

Interview with Jon Holland Jon Holland is a music composer of boundless creative energy. He is in constant motion, whether creating music for his latest game project, Baseball 2000 or physically en route to another wondrous destination on the globe. He also happens to be one of the highest paid composers in the […]

Mixing and Surround Sound

December 18, 1998 gamesound.org 0

Mixing and Surround Sound Cross platform audio support is a problem for many game developers, particularly if the available audio libraries don’t support a platform a developer wants. Outlined here are methodologies for compressing and mixing WAV files to get maximum impact sound effects.