Tales from the arcade!

July 15, 1999 gamesound.org 0

Tales from the arcade! Words of wisdom from with John Paul of Atari Games and Graeme Norgate, music and sfx wizard at “Free Radical Design, Ltd.” (formerly with Rare…)

So, How’s Your Audio Demo Reel?

July 9, 1999 gamesound.org 0

So, How’s Your Audio Demo Reel? Got your sound design and composition chops? Ready to go out and score your first gig on a game? You’re going to need a great demo reel. Aaron Marks gives you helpful tips on what to do, and not do, while putting yours together.

Interview with Tommy Tallarico

March 12, 1999 gamesound.org 0

Interview with Tommy Tallarico One of this industry’s most successful music composers, Tommy Tallarico, offers advice about drafting business contracts, making a name for yourself, and the possibility of a game music category at the Grammys.