Overwatch – The Elusive Goal: Play by Sound

July 7, 2016 gamesound.org 0

Overwatch – The Elusive Goal: Play by Sound Blizzard’s Scott Lawlor and Tomas Neumann’s GDC 2016 presentation, in which they discuss the choices made on an aesthetic and technical level to help achieve Overwatch’s dynamic audio landscape.

Cassettes And Thunder – The Sound Of Knights And Bikes

February 19, 2016 Kenneth Young 0

It’s been so amazing to see people get excited by Knights And Bikes, and show their support and commitment by backing its Kickstarter campaign, that I felt compelled to make something which shows just how excited and passionate I am about it too! So, here’s a wee video I’ve put together […]

The Art of Creating Sound in Video Games

September 4, 2014 gamesound.org 0

The Art of Creating Sound in Video Games Liana Kerzner over at MetalEater speaks to David Chan, Brian Schmidt, Gordon McGladdery, Anthony Russo, Chanel Summers, Matthew Marteinsson and Steve Royea about game sound.

The Sound of Tearaway

January 14, 2014 Kenneth Young 7

Tearaway is an adventure game exclusive to the Sony PlayStation Vita handheld system. The player is tasked with guiding their little paper messenger buddy on a mission to deliver the message that is trapped inside their envelope head by escaping the paper world and reaching the player out in the real […]