A Look Back

November 15, 1999 gamesound.org 0

A Look Back Ever wonder just how music and sound were implemented in games such as “Asteroids”, “Road Blasters”, and “Super Mario Bros.”? Even if you haven’t, here are the answers… a pleasant stroll down memory lane with the former director of technology development at Atari Games, Brad Fuller..

Tales from the arcade!

July 15, 1999 gamesound.org 0

Tales from the arcade! Words of wisdom from with John Paul of Atari Games and Graeme Norgate, music and sfx wizard at “Free Radical Design, Ltd.” (formerly with Rare…)

Mixing and Surround Sound

December 18, 1998 gamesound.org 0

Mixing and Surround Sound Cross platform audio support is a problem for many game developers, particularly if the available audio libraries don’t support a platform a developer wants. Outlined here are methodologies for compressing and mixing WAV files to get maximum impact sound effects.