The Secret Life of Vector Generators

April 22, 2001 0

The Secret Life of Vector Generators By Jed Margolin Contains some great insight into the early days of sound at Atari, especially this nugget: At some point, Rick hired Earl Vickers to do sounds and speech development. Up until then, the game programmers were responsible for sounds, which they generally […]

A Look Back

November 15, 1999 0

A Look Back Ever wonder just how music and sound were implemented in games such as “Asteroids”, “Road Blasters”, and “Super Mario Bros.”? Even if you haven’t, here are the answers… a pleasant stroll down memory lane with the former director of technology development at Atari Games, Brad Fuller..

Tales from the arcade!

July 15, 1999 0

Tales from the arcade! Words of wisdom from with John Paul of Atari Games and Graeme Norgate, music and sfx wizard at “Free Radical Design, Ltd.” (formerly with Rare…)