Using Wwise with Unity? Need doppler? You’re welcome!

March 10, 2015 Kenneth Young 0

Using Wwise with Unity? Need doppler? You’re welcome! Those of you using Wwise with Unity may have noticed that there is no support for doppler shift. This is pretty mental given that Unity’s basic audio system offers doppler straight out of the box, so there’s obviously some kind of shenanigans […]

The Mix in The Last of Us

September 6, 2014 Kenneth Young 0

GANG IESD co-chair Kenny Young speaks to Naughty Dog’s Phillip Kovats and Jonathan Lanier about the GANG award winning mix in The Last of Us. KY: Hi guys, thanks for agreeing to do this. Could you introduce yourselves for the record? PK: I’m Phil Kovats the audio lead here at […]

A Look Back

November 15, 1999 0

A Look Back Ever wonder just how music and sound were implemented in games such as “Asteroids”, “Road Blasters”, and “Super Mario Bros.”? Even if you haven’t, here are the answers… a pleasant stroll down memory lane with the former director of technology development at Atari Games, Brad Fuller..