Designing Interactive Audio Content To-Picture

December 20, 1999 0

Designing Interactive Audio Content To-Picture In the television and film industries, sound designers are able to monitor final visual cues from within their design environment while creating and mixing audio content. This design process is called working “to-picture,” and explains why the effects just seem to fit so well. But […]

Interactive Composition – A Direct Music Primer

March 15, 1999 0

Interactive Composition – A Direct Music Primer Much has been said in the past few months about DirectMusic and, thereby, about interactive music. In this first column, we will provide a basic outline of DirectMusic and then lay out some real world and theoretical context in which to examine it….

DirectMusic for the Masses

November 6, 1998 0

DirectMusic for the Masses Microsoft set itself some fairly lofty goals for its new interactive music API. DirectMusic’s appeal is not necessarily as an interactive audio engine; game developers should be particularly pleased with its hardware accelerated DLS and robust MIDI features.

Musical Techniques for Interactivity

May 1, 1998 0

Musical Techniques for Interactivity Real interactive audio can do as much for a game as a good frame rate or a 3D-video processor. But efficient and engaging audio requires a lot of thought and experimentation. This article provides a tour of a few of the critical issues and offers specific suggestions […]