Hypersensitivity to Repetition

January 18, 2009 Kenneth Young 6

I’ve been aware of it for a few years, but I’m becoming increasingly sensitive to sound repetition. Or, at least, my reaction to repetition has become more intense, usually resulting in me shouting at the TV and digging my nails into Mrs. Kenny’s leg with much gnashing of teeth and […]

Eraserhead and Library SFX

January 11, 2009 Kenneth Young 0

I finally got around to framing my Eraserhead poster; after 3 years of neglect it now has pride of place in our spare bedroom (which I have secret plans for as “Kenny’s Studio”, but don’t tell the Mrs). It’s questionable whether a bedroom is the best place for a disturbing […]

Designing A Next-Gen Game For Sound

November 22, 2007 gamesound.org 0

Designing A Next-Gen Game For Sound Rob Bridgett shares the lessons to be learned from the production process of “sound designed” films and how the production process in games actually lends itself to more involvement between audio and the other crafts.