The Game Music Makers

September 9, 2014 0

The Game Music Makers James Batchelor over at Develop Mag gets the skinny from composers John Broomhall, Jim Fowler, James Hannigan, Jessica Curry on the challenges of writing interactive music for games.

The Mix in The Last of Us

September 6, 2014 Kenneth Young 0

GANG IESD co-chair Kenny Young speaks to Naughty Dog’s Phillip Kovats and Jonathan Lanier about the GANG award winning mix in The Last of Us. KY: Hi guys, thanks for agreeing to do this. Could you introduce yourselves for the record? PK: I’m Phil Kovats the audio lead here at […]

The Art of Creating Sound in Video Games

September 4, 2014 0

The Art of Creating Sound in Video Games Liana Kerzner over at MetalEater speaks to David Chan, Brian Schmidt, Gordon McGladdery, Anthony Russo, Chanel Summers, Matthew Marteinsson and Steve Royea about game sound.