TIGA ‘Games Meet Film’ Event At Pinewood Studios

TIGA held the ‘Games Meet Film’ event at Pinewood Studios on February 16th 2010.

The event was hosted by Dennis Weinreich MD of Film and TV Post Production at Pinewood Studios Group and included a panel discussion, Q&A and networking. The event focused on audio production for games and films and discussed what the two industries can learn from each other and the challenges involved in ‘crossing over’.

The panelists were:

Film: Nigel Bennett, Re-recording Mixer / Post Production Operations Manager, Pinewood; Brendan Nicholson, Re-recording Mixer, Pinewood; Glen Gathard, Mixer/editor, Pinewood; Mike Wabro, Sound Designer, Reelsound and Alex Joseph, Freelance Sound Designer

Games: Richard Jacques, celebrated composer; James Hannigan, celebrated composer, Jerry Ibbotson, Creative Manager, Media Mill; Jon Vincent, Audio Director, Ubisoft and Dan Bardino, Creative Services Manager, Sony.

Video Highlights

  • 00:00 Why are we here?
  • 02:00 Pinewood Studios Promo
  • 06:46 Panel Introductions
  • 10:00 Games Audio Workflow
  • 14:45 Film Audio Workflow
  • 30:10 How Games make car sound effects
  • 39:45 How Games use music – Richard Jacques
  • 48:18 Harry Potter – blowing up a piano example
  • 53:00 Slumdog Millionaire – creating emotion with sound
  • 66:45 Film – old school rules still apply

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